Thursday, June 18, 2015

Is Service Really the Answer?

Helping a poor family move
in the pouring rain, but with
a bright smile, nonetheless! :)
As a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons!) I learned to apply the teaching, that if we are down and we help others out, then we both will leave that given situation, happier and stronger people. I experienced that time and time again. Whether I was helping drunkards walk across the street and get to a shady, out-of-the-way place, helping people who desperately wanted to learn English to get ahead in their lives or just being friendly in the beautiful streets of Honduras, waving and greeting everyone in sight. In all of these situations I served someone else and it made me a stronger, more loving person. As I served, my personal problems and afflictions seemed to get lighter and lighter and the horizon of my day seemed to get brighter and brighter.
Its a weird concept of thinking that if we help others, we are in turn and essentially helping ourselves, even more so than if we tried to help ourselves in the first place but its so sweetly true.
One cool example I thought of that might help you next time you are in a "funk" (not feeling like yourself or like everything is running all wrong).
Making tortillas with a sweet lady!
When your car dies and you don't know the reason and you don't have experience in the mechanic shop, you must look outward for help. Looking inwardly (towards yourself) won't help you very much due to your lack of knowledge and ability. In this example, only looking to the mechanic will help you out.
Christmas caroling to a group of
cheerful elderly citizens
Now, lets say that you get in another accident. But there aren't automobiles involved here, this is between you and some other factor ( sin, sadness, misfortune, people around you mistreating you, the mistreating of yourself etc.. the list goes on).
Now as a result, you are left wounded and feeling broken. So many times we listen in to the advice that the world gives us, which is to try to figure everything out yourself. According to the worldly knowledge, we don't need God, we don't need religion, we don't need love nor service nor anything of its kind. We just need time and we just need ourselves.
But just like in the example with the car, if we do not open outwardly we cannot be fixed. We cannot be fixed alone. 
And the way to open outwardly is by the giving of service and love to those around you.
Helping out on trash day in my white shirt and tie
in La Ceiba, Honduras and still smiling!

 Like I said from the beginning, "...if we help others, we are in turn and essentially helping ourselves, even more so than if we tried to help ourselves in the first place."
When we help others we realize that we are not alone in trial and affliction and it seems as if our burdens just float off of our shoulders.

I know through personal trial that all that I  have written is true. There were days when I was thousands of miles from home, in the scorching heat, on the dangerous, dusty streets of the murder capitol of the world, San Pedro Sula, Honduras, where I found myself at the edge of breaking down, packing up and coming back home. But one thing kept me there. And it was service and how it impacted my being.
Here is one verse from the Book of Mormon that gives us reassurance as to more reason why we should administer service to those around us.

It is found in the 17th verse of the 2nd chapter of Mosiah (Mosiah 2:17) (page 148).

"...when  ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in service of your God."

Service can make you happy!
Even in the pouring rain!
Sum of the blog entry...
If you are in a "funk" or a state of mind or feeling that you do not want to be in, then forget yourself and serve others. Your burdens will be made light and God will be proud of (you!) his son or daughter who seeks to serve his other children while serving him at the same time.

Read it, enjoy it, apply it!
Riley Royer..

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Any ideas on something to write? I'm longing for a story or idea that completely moves me. Can you help????

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I Found God Today

Sometimes in life we find what we least expect and those tiny bits of unexpectedness are sometimes the greatest of all gifts...

I had just woken up to the peaceful song of the birds and I was about to begin my routine day, when something stirred inside me; something was different. I had a odd feeling to kneel down before some guy that everyone talked about and thank him for such a beautiful morning. I felt like I needed his friendship even though I had no idea who he was. My mother used to speak of him and his distant yet overwhelming love. She used to speak so kindly of him and in the sweetest voice I had ever heard my mother speak. If she could love this mysterious man in such a deep way I felt as if I should finally, after years of living alone, extend my voice to this wonderful man and long for his response.

So I knelt down and thanked this stranger for all the good that he had put in my life and asked him to continue blessing me and my mother. I thanked him for the love that he showed my mother as she raised me alone after she fled from my drunk, abusing father. I thanked him for being the anchor of my mothers life because in result her sturdiness has taught me to be strong. I ended my prayer with the words "I love you." And I sat there in perfect, still silence...


 The peace in my mind was then overrun by mere confusion. I just told a stranger that I loved him. I know nothing of this man yet my heart felt the urge to proclaim thanks and love to him.  How could this be? What kind of spirit could have overtaken me and made me feel so close to a figure that was so far away?.. No answers came to mind but only confusion.

I put off the happenings of this morning and I continued along with my routine and after I showered, I proceeded to make breakfast. It was an egg and toast kind of morning. With my breakfast in my lap, I motioned to flip on the television but as I began to reach for the remote, I noticed the peaceful essence about the house and I didn't want to disturb the calm. So instead of the remote I reached for the blinds to the window and I proceeded to watch the front yard with more of a gentle heart than normal. The flowers seemed brighter. The songs of the sweet bird's singing sounded sweeter than ever before. The sun had a brilliant radiance about it that words cannot suffice while trying to describe its beauty. Something was different about today.

I was leaving to work and I almost got into my car when something hit me. I looked at my watch and realized that I had 25 extra minutes this morning and I felt a urge to walk to work today. To give you a little background... I have lived in my house for the past five years and I live less than a mile away from work and I have NEVER walked. Why would this thought occur to me now after five years of driving? I had no idea but you know I had no idea why I bowed my head this morning to a stranger but it must mean something. Maybe I should walk to work today I thought...

So I listened to that tiny voice in my head with my suitcase in hand and I joyfully walked to work. Step by step, I noticed how captivating everything that the world had to offer truly was. The colors of fall were all around me and I was brought to tears and sobbing even. The cool breeze in the early morning of that day in November had topped it off. I couldn't take it anymore. I found myself on a bench in the park drowning in tears but I was completely happy. The happiest that I could have ever recalled. Why was I crying if I was so "happy"?

The tears continued to drip and the sniffling of my nose hadn't stopped.  Then, in that newly found sanctuary from the ordinary, routine world, I was impressed again to call out for that stranger that my Mother had so dearly beloved. I longed to thank him again for all he gave me.

By this point in the morning, change came easy to me and I was beginning to accept it well. So I, called out into the darkness of the unknown and I asked him if he was there. There was no direct response and honestly it threw me off guard but nonetheless I called again and I heard nothing but something stirred inside me; something was different. My ears did not hear and my eyes did not see but my heart DID feel. I felt of the love that my mother had described to me again and again growing up. She always told me that even we could not see or hear him, he was always there, right beside us, matching us step by step. I never thought anything of this stranger except that he loved my mom and my mom loved him. I had never known for myself but I, by then wanted to know. I wanted to know more about this feeling.

I called the lady I had planned to see, Ms. Margarete, a sweet women I may add, and I called off my appointment with her that morning. I needed to know more about these strange happenings today.
I needed to know the stranger as well as my mother did.

With tears still in my eyes I sat on that park bench on that cool morning crying out with a  tone of despair, begging for answers but none came. Nothing came at first but then I found myself mortified by a surprising hand on my shoulder.

The two men who stood behind me offered their help and promised a way to dry up the tears that I had wept. They spoke of genuine happiness and of a man that could fulfill that promise...

They said they wore His name on their name tags, above their hearts for a reason...

*This is an original writing of Riley Royer

I love this painting. Take a second and enjoy.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Strength to Stand. The Strength to Write. The Strength to Look Beyond!

The time has flown by and I have definitely been neglecting my writings. I have been putting my emotions on the back burner. How can I put aside something so crucial; something so beautifully infectious? Its time to rethink things. It's time to retrace my past steps and make a change. It's time to write how I feel...

As I begin to write down my mind, my heartbeat begins to race. The thrill makes it completely worth the effort. I feel myself growing stronger with every line; word by word I am building a fortitude for my weaknesses and making them my strengths. *Poetic Rehabilitation one may call it. It is a breath-taking process. I am standing on the highest building in the world when I am in this state of recovery. I am the strongest man alive when I feel its influence run through my veins just as a current of electricity. With my words I am invincible, or so I feel.

With me and my specific case I need a emotional storm to write efficiently and luckily the floods have come crashing... Finally...

The waves have hit me and set my world off, again but somehow I feel more at home. With my foundation no where to be seen I have began to rebuild, piece by piece. I have been praying for a car crash in order to experience more than I already know and THIS IS IT! The airbags have gone off!

I have received what I wanted but now what? Does this automatically quench my thirst of satisfaction? Does this mean everything will be better now?


This is just a small glimpse of the ever-expanding timeline. There's much behind me and much more to come...

I am standing, outside of the wreckage of the crash and am living proof that through horrible situations great things can come to pass. They can mend you in ways you never thought possible. The darkness, if you allow it, can transform you into a brighter person. Optimistic Rehabilitation, one may call it, works and it a breath-taking process but don't just take my word for it... TRY IT!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Dripping... And Waiting for My Love

     The farther apart we are, the closer I feel to you. The distance scorches my heart and burns internally and I can not help but to long for you. I keep longing for the feeling I've dreamt of. I long for what I wish we had.
      I'm stuck, thousands of miles away with a burning passion to mean more to you than I do but you are content with the life you lead.
     Every night, as I call, it is as I am waiting by your door step with a flaming torch in one hand and a rose in the other, waiting for you to open your doors and let me in. As I sit and wait, with each and every passing second, I desire, to one day see you outside your own doors drenched, even dripping in the gasoline of loneliness and misery. I replay in my head the hallucination of you begging me to love you, begging for a spark. I continuously imagine sparking your interest and igniting your heart with the blaze of my deepest love.
    My flame is what you are searching for. Why can't you see? The surrounding fumes must be extremely blinding to make you miss something so special, so bright. One strike of a match is all I need to light up your world.
     Still I stand here, days later but with no sign of relief. My knees have begun to tremble excessively and the rose petals are withering away along with my hope. With each and every passing night, the darkness seems to get even darker and all that remains of my torch is an embarrassing ember on the end of a smoky stick. Just as the fire has given up and left the torch behind, I too must take one step after another and flee from this "love" with a determined mind to never look back. As I walked, step by step the withered petals began to fall, leaving a trace of my trail behind. The shriveled, black remains fell just as dead leaves on a crisp autumn morning. As they fell, the newer, more lively leaves began to blossom in their place. For once I began to feel strength that was surely my own and it felt breathtaking, truly resounding.

      With you, I am nothing more than a burnt-out torch and some withered petals...

      Without you, I am much more than a burnt-out torch and some withered petals...

      I have come to realize that there is beauty outside of your doors...

      Thank you for never opening up and letting me in.

       I sincerely appreciate all that your frigid corridors have shown me. Their darkness has drawn me  closer to the light.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Theres always a beginning.......

Every time you change your state of mind theres another beginning. Every time you close your eyes you're bound to see another door open. You'll see things how you see them: so change the way you look at them. If things aren't going how you would like, close your eyes and allow for those beautiful, wide doors to open. Let them swing, just as the bells swing in a revolution, declaring freedom. Declare your freedom from your bad times and make a pact to yourself to be the catlyst for your own smile or your new state of mind! : )  Each day is a new day. Close your eyes. Change your life.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Loneliness, My Notorious Friend

        Mrs. Akers class resulted in one good thing this year. She gave me time to write. Here's a piece I wrote for a free write but we were given a general topic. Just because I am writing in first person doesn't mean I am writing about my life.. keep that in mind! ;)

       "I live life sheltered and alone, only clinging to the distant love of my parents. Their love used to keep my warm but its glow has grown cold. The shelter of their smiles used to keep out the weather but now that I am alone, the wind has become overwhelming. I was introduced sorely to a frightful reality. Step by step my feet grew heavy and my smile became weary. To me their love became a whisper.

         I dragged myself to and from school each day, distanced from everyone; not even my shadow could have been trusted. I did not allow anyone to enter into the lonely, dark corridors of my heart because all love will eventually fail and fall through when you need it most. Instead I, to the brim, fill up my jar with expendable memories and I leave all emotion clear out of the way, hidden from the world.

       To the world my life is a truism but the real "me" is hidden and unknown. I now live in the notorious state known to the world as loneliness but it really isn't as bad of a place and most think. Once one learns to wield the power of loneliness, they will never be alone again. Loneliness really isn't as sad of a place as most think. Once one learns to wield the tricks of sadness, there is no more need for tears. Once one learns to wield the crafts of being sad, they will discover much more than the "happy" man.
Loneliness, sadness and darkness are all key parts of our lives. Conquer them and learn to gain control and you will be powerful beyond belief."